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How do I assemble my TurboKlone® Unit?

How frequently does my cloning unit need to be cleaned?

Great, but how do I clean my TurboKlone Unit?

What temperature should my reservoir be?

What are the specs on your cloning systems?

What kind of water should I use?

What should the pH of my water be?

What kind of light works best with my TurboKlone System?

How far should my light be from my cuttings?

What light schedule should my clones be on?

How large should my cutting be?

How long until I start seeing roots?

When are my cuttings ready to be transplanted?

Where’s the best place to set up and run my TurboKlone Unit?

Can I reuse my Clone Collars?

Do I need the humidity dome?

Does my pump need to run continuously 24 hours a day?

Do my TurboKlone products come with a warranty?

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