Medium sized, black plastic box, with rounded edges, and 48 holes on the top for collars.

Black Label 48 Cloner

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More Sites Without Sacrificing Space

The Black Label 48 is a commercial-grade Cloning System with a patented, built-in cooling system. With 48 clone sites, it is everything you need to propagate clones in your small-scale or home growing environment. The Black Label 48 has double the sites of the 24 but isn't double the size. Size is a serious concern with smaller growing operations. The Black Label 48 allows you to use every nook and cranny of your grow room. (Humidity domes are available for all TurboKlone units)

Built-in Cooling System

TurboKlone’s built in cooling fan propagates your cuttings faster than any other cloner brand by pumping fresh, cool air into the reservoir and cooling chambers around the basin. As the air is pumped into the cloning unit, it mixes with the fine droplets being propelled from the spray jets and cools the waters temperature. With cooler water temperatures, oxygen is broken down more efficiently, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen delivered to the clones!

Humidity Domes (Available separately or buy them together to save!)

Humidity is key to propagating healthy plants. If the cloning environment does not have the proper moisture content, you may experience dry clones, browning leaves or even burning; minimizing the chance of the clone’s survival. Trap in the moisture and watch your cuttings thrive with the Turboklone Humidity Dome.

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