How do I assemble my TurboKlone® unit?

Remove items from packaging.

If humidity dome was purchased, peel plastic masking from both sides.

Rinse the reservoir and lid thoroughly before use.

Hand tighten 3/4 inch riser at bottom of manifold onto the water pump.

Position the pump at the bottom of the reservoir. Secure the electrical cord into the notch at the upper lip of the reservoir sidewall.

Attach the fan shroud to sidewall of reservoir using the keyhole posts.

Fill the reservoir with water to the water-fill line.

Place clone collars in the lid. Place the lid onto the reservoir. Make sure the lid rests securely in place.

Run the pump and fan for 30 minutes to aerate the water. Check and adjust the pH level to around 5.8.

Dip plant cuttings into rooting gel or hormone (optional).

Place the Cuttings into the clone collars. The stem of the cuttings should extend 1-2 inches below the collar.



Cleaning - maintenance

To clean your cloner, you will want to use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Make sure to rinse your unit thoroughly to remove any excess hydrogen peroxide. Once clean, let your unit dry upside for at least 30 minutes. Once dry, you are ready for action.

You will want to clean your unit after each cycle. Clean parts make for happy clones.



Water - A necessity of life

So... You've got your unit assembled and have populated the collars with clippings, what kind of water should you use?

We suggest using tap water. You will want particulates in the water your aeroponic system while rooting new clones. BEFORE starting your first cycle make sure the pH is right around 5.8. Make sure to keep an eye on your pH levels throughout the cloning process.

You will want to keep your water between 70° - 72°




Lighting - Clones aren't mogwais...

In the 1984, historically accurate film, 'Gremlins' we meet unbelievably cute creatures called mogwais who are extremely sensitive to light. Plant clones are just the opposite. To keep your clones from turning into gremlins, you have to give them light. Here's our lighting suggestions and best practices.

You will want to use T5 fluorescent lighting to achieve the best results. Keep your lighting setup around 10 inches above your cuttings. You will want to run your lighting on an 16 hour on, 8 hour off cycle for optimum rooting results. If you need a timer, we got you. Click Here.

*These results may very depending on the plant species you are cloning*




Clippings - plant some roots

When rooting plant cuttings, you will want to identify a solid mother plant to clone from. Find an area on your mother plant with a healthy stock containing several nodes. You will want to clip at a 45° just below a node, and remove the leaves from the bottom 2/3 of your clipping.

Once clipped, dip your clipping into a rooting gel or rooting hormone. When your clipping is ready to go, nestle it into a TurboKlone® collar. To optimize rooting, let your clipping stick out 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of the collar and place the collar into the lid of your machine. Now you are ready to run your cloning cycle.

You should start to notice rooting after day 7 of running your cloning cycle. For a stronger cloned plant, we suggest waiting until your roots have developed and are longer than 3 inches from the rooting node. Once you've seen this significant of root growth, you are ready to transplant to pots.


Can I reuse my collars?

You can reuse your collars but we do not recommend this. To reuse, you must clean them thoroughly with the same water and hydrogen peroxide solution used to clean your cloning machine. Please note, there are very small crevasses that require extra attention when cleaning. To save yourself time, the headache of irregular results, and a lot of hassle Click Here. You can thank us later.


Do I need a humidity dome?

This depends on your growing environment. If your room is less than 60% humidity then you might want to use a humidity dome. It will help you to create the perfect environment for your clippings to root efficiently. If you are in a dry climate, the answer is YES, the dome is for you. Click the dome for your unit below to purchase.


Does my pump need to run continuously?

Some say yes, some say no. When the pump is running water is moving through the system and hitting the roots. We suggest testing a few different variables to find the best application for your cloning procedure.


Do TurboKlone products come with a warranty?

YES! If you purchase a NEW-IN-BOX product from either TurboKlone or one of our authorized resellers, and the product is faulty or damaged, we will replace the part at no cost to you.

All products are covered under a 90-Day warranty and require proof of purchase in new condition through our site, our amazon store or an authorized reseller. Specifics that may void the warranty can be found below:

Warranty Information:

Pumps: Pumps must be fully submerged during operation. Running the pump dry will void warranty coverage.

Electrical Parts (Pumps and Fans): Electrical parts must be powered with the appropriate power source. Most of our electrical parts run on a 60Hz frequency. Under/Over-powering can cause damage and void warranty coverage.

Plastic Parts (Lids, Domes, Reservoirs): Plastic parts must be cleaned with the appropriate solution. A Hydrogen Peroxide/Water mixture is what we recommend using to clean the unit. Use of harsh chemicals can damage the plastic and void warranty coverage.