Cleanliness is the most integral aspect of cloning to ensure cuttings successfully take root. Leaving your cloner to sit around and collect bacteria can lead to a fungal growth that will wipe out your clones faster than you thought possible.


We recommend that you clean your unit after every cloning cycle. Additionally, if you’ve had your TurboKlone® stored for any amount of time, we recommend you give it a thorough cleaning before placing your cuttings into the system.

To start, mix up a cleaning solution in a 5-gallon bucket. There are several plant-friendly cleaning products out there, but we find the best results with a 30:1 mixture of Water (H2O) to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Your standard grocery store peroxide works great.  

Start by removing the lid from your system (make sure you also remove the stem collars) and put it aside on a tarp. Next, remove the pump and manifold, setting them next to the lid and empty reservoir. Once everything is laid out and disassembled, use a sponge or brush to scrub the inside of the lid and reservoir with your cleaning solution. After thoroughly scrubbed, dump out any remaining solution and rinse with clean water. Set your bucket of cleaning solution aside for the next step.  

We recommend you replace your clone collars between each cycle but if you do choose to reuse them, don’t do so for more than a few cycles. With repeated reuse of your collars, you run the risk of bacteria and other contaminants (stuck inside the nooks and crannies) spreading into your new cycle. That being said, we understand you may not want to purchase new collars for each cycle... Here is our recommendation on the best way to clean them. That bucket of cleaning solution you saved... dump all of your collars into that bucket of solution and let them soak for 8 hours. Once they are done soaking, it’s important to scrub out the inside of the collars with a pipe cleaner or bottle brush. Lay them on your tarp and hose them down with clean water. Flip and repeat.

The best way to clean out the inner components of your unit is to mix up another batch of cleaning solution and run it through your system after each cycle. Yes, the same mixture of 30:1 Water (H2O) to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) you used to scrub out your lid and reservoir.  
Fill your reservoir with water and add the appropriate ratio of hydrogen peroxide (this will change depending on the unit being used). Once the unit is filled with the cleaning solution, plug in your pump and allow it to cycle the solution throughout the cloner for 8 hours. Although we usually recommend running it for a full day, a minimum of 8 hours will suffice. After the cleaning cycle, empty the reservoir and drain the contents of the pump and manifold as thoroughly as possible. Repeat this entire process with clean water and drain as before.