Greetings and salutations cloners! Recently we had the pleasure of chatting with an amazing garden enthusiast based out of Australia. Our new friend Jane has been using a TurboKlone® Elite 144D unit to propagate her very beautiful 5-acre parcel. We would like to share with you some of the work she has done using our machines. 

Jane's garden is an OASIS! What she has created is a masterpiece for the garden community. We highly recommend you check out her Instagram to see some of the amazing photos she's posted from her property. 

Now she's ready to start her first clone run of the season! We will be checking in regularly to see what she cooks up in the cloner next. 

Jane is a shining example of what you can truly achieve using a TurboKlone® Elite 144D. Do you have a garden? Are you ready to start propagating plants? Let TurboKlone® make it even EASIER! Grab a unit today. 

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