BUILT-IN DRAIN To facilitate cleaning after each cloning cycle, a drain is placed at the bottom of the reservoir. The drain has a threaded cap and can be connected to a ¾” garden hose.

BUILT-IN FAN TurboKlone is the only aeroponic cloning system with a built-in fan to help reduce the temperature of both the water and the air inside of the basin. Other cloning systems have an enclosed design that does not allow for sufficient ventilation. When you combine this design with the heat generated from the pump, you end up with hot, stagnant air and warm water that does not adequately break down oxygen.

COLLARS The stem of cuttings are captured and supported in the stem collar.  To prevent harmful microbiology from growing inside collars, they are made from a special closed cell foam.  After each clone cycle, the collars must be cleaned with an antimicrobial solution such as diluted hydrogen peroxide. During cleaning, the collars should be spread open to eliminate harmful microbiology on the interior surfaces.

HUMIDITY DOME To prevent the tender leaves of clones from drying out, the humidity dome can be placed on top of the lid. The humidity dome fits loosely on the lid to allow limited air to flow in from the bottom. Vents on top of the dome allow a regulated amount of airflow out. Tightly sealing the humidity dome would encourage mold and mildew growth in the clones.

SPRAY JETS Spray jets convert pressurized water into a 360 degree pattern of fine water droplets. The spray jets have wings to assist in twisting the jet into the manifold and properly positioning for an even spray of water droplets.

MANIFOLD Manifolds distribute water flow evenly from the pump outlet out to the spray jets. They are designed to specifically deliver water at the same pressure to every spray jet.

PUMP TurboKlone utilizes an impeller type pump to push water through the manifold to the spray jets. A regulated opening on the inlet of the pump allows the user to volume flow of water to go from maximum to completely shut off. The regulated opening has an hourglass shape. If the hourglass is vertical the flow is maximum; if it is horizontal the flow is minimum or off. Many customers regulate the flow of water to make a more gentle spray for the tender roots which are emerging.


The pump must always run submerged in water. If it runs dry for just 2 minutes it will overheat and self-destruct.

Running the pump with the regulator in the fully closed position will cause overheating and damage.

Use only 120 Volt 60 Hz AC power. Operating the pump from a generator which only generates 50 HZ will quickly damage the pump.

Any defective pumps returned for warranty replacement will be examined for the above improper operating conditions.  We are experienced in diagnosing pump failure and can detect pump failure due to improper use.

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