TurboKlone® Twin Collars™

SKU: EGH-061-48


Turboklone® Twin Collars are designed to be easy to clean, sanitize and reuse.  Twin Collars are dishwasher safe.  Soap and water may be enough for most uses however sanitizing may be best to reduce and/or eliminate microorganisms. 


Twin Collars™ Instructions
- Clean Twin Collars™ with soap and water or by boiling for a few minutes.
- Insert into Turboklone® lid and arrange the color-coordinated grid
- Set up and run Turboklone® system
- Prepare cuttings and add rooting hormone if desired 
- Place cuttings into Twin Collars™ leaving 2"-3"  of stem length below the collar


Suggested Sterilization Techniques
- Boil in water for several minutes
- Soak in bleach solution. 1 part bleach to 9 parts water
- Soak in hydrogen peroxide solution. 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 9 parts water  


Options available
1 Pack of 24 Collars (12 Blue and 12 Green)
1 Pack of 48 Collars (24 Blue and 24 Green)

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